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Privacy Act

Privacy legislation protects the rights of your employees and visitors. In terms of this legislation you or your business are obliged to inform your employees and visitors that cameras have been installed. You or your business have a legal obligation to protect the privacy and integrity of your employees and all others who enter your premises, whether they are suppliers, clients or the general public.

If you want to install security cameras, you are obliged to put up a notice to indicate that the premises are protected by CCTV cameras or something similar.

The Wedge Dome
The wedge dome camera is used for boardroom, classroom and reception areas that will capture the footage with sound recording.
PTZ Range
We offer a comprehensive PTZ range IP and Analog that gives you up to 25x optical zoom and up to 200 meters infrared or night vision
Thermal Camera Range
Our Thermal camera range gives you additional coverage thanks to its state of the art heat sensors that can detect objects and fires up to 5 KM away.
CCTV Thermal Power
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